Quarter 3 - Week One Calendar

Welcome to Quarter 3 - Due to some calendar changes with conferences, one week is being provided at this time.

Students will be provided the following page and asked to list several academic vocabulary terms each day to define at home as their homework each night:

Literature and Composition Quarter Three
Week One: January 7-11 Monday – Shakespeare Sonnets in Class; Academic Vocab. List for Homework

Tuesday – Shakespeare Sonnets in Class; Academic Vocab. List for Homework

Wednesday – Shakespeare Sonnets in Class; Academic Vocab. List for Homework; Vocab 19

Thursday – Shakespeare Sonnets in Class; Academic Vocab. List for Homework

Friday – Shakespeare Sonnets in Class; Academic Vocab. List for Homework

Define each day’s words in your academic vocabulary packet for homework.

Homework Calendar Through 12/21

Week Seven: November 26-30 Monday – Mockingbird Essay Topics; In-class writing Tuesday – In-class writing; Vocabulary 16 Wednesday – In-class writing Thursday – Essay Due; A Visit to a Small Planet Friday – A Visit to a Small Planet
Week Eight: December 3-7 Monday – Twelve Angry Men Tuesday – Twelve Angry Men; Vocabulary 17 Wednesday – Twelve Angry Men Thursday – Twelve Angry Men Friday (half day) – The Importance of Being Earnest - Intro
Week Nine: December 10-14 Monday – The Importance of Being Earnest - Act I reading due Tuesday – The Importance of Being Earnest; Act II reading due Wednesday – The Importance of Being Earnest - Act III reading due, Vocabulary 18 Thursday – Prepare for final - timed writing  Friday – Prepare for final - timed writing 
Week Ten: December 17-20 Monday – Vocab 16-18 Test Tuesday – Finals Wednesday – Finals Thursday – Finals
Winter Break

Homework Calendar Through 11/16

Week Two: October 22-26
Monday –Mockingbird, Chapter 1-3 (assigned Wednesday Oct. 17)
Tuesday – Mockingbird, Chapter 4; Vocab Review
Wednesday – Trip!
Thursday – Mockingbird, Chapter 5-6; Vocab 7-9 Test
Friday – Mockingbird, Chapters 7-8

Week Three: October 29-November 2
Monday – Mockingbird, Chapter 9
Tuesday – Mockingbird, Chapter 10
Wednesday – Mockingbird, Chapter 11; Vocab 10
Thursday – Mockingbird, Chapter 12;
Friday – Mockingbird, Chapter 13

Week Four: November 5-9
Monday – Mockingbird, Chapters 14-15
Tuesday – Mockingbird, Chapter 16
Wednesday – Mockingbird, Chapter 17; Vocabulary 13
Thursday – Mockingbird, Chapter 18
Friday - Mockingbird, Chapters 19-20

Conference Week Early Release Homework

Hello - Happy Conference Week!

We have short classes, one day without class, and many activities changing our schedule this week.
Homework will be light and announced day by day this week in order to be flexible. 

Please have To Kill a Mockingbird with you starting on Thursday so we can begin the next novel introduction soon.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - essays due 9/28

We will work on essays most days this week.  Tutoring is available everyday during lunch and lyceum times.

Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring Schedule

Mr. Brazzel is available for drop in visits and appointments each day at these times in room 213 or the faculty office: 

12:10 - 12:30
2nd Lyceum
1:40 - 2:00

8th Grade September Homework/Reading Calendar

Eighth Grade Literature and Composition
September Calendar  Readings listed for each day indicate what should be already read for discussion that day.

Week Five: September 4-7 Monday – No School, Labor Day Tuesday – No homework due; In-class writing time Wednesday – Rough Drafts due Thursday – In-class reading, Grendel, Vocab Test 1-3 Friday – “The Lottery”
Week Six: September 10-14 Monday – “The Darling”; Beowulf essay final drafts due Tuesday – “Train from Rhodesia” Wednesday – Introduction to Arthurian legends and Sir Gawain Thursday – Sir Gawain, Part I Friday – Sir Gawain, Part II
Week Seven: September 17-21 Monday – Sir Gawain, Part III (pp. 93-104) Tuesday – Sir Gawain, Part III (pp. 104-116) Wednesday – Fall Holiday Thursday – No homework due Friday – Sir Gawain, Part IV
Week Eight: September 24-28 Monday - Sir Gawain essay topic proposal due Tuesday – Introductions due; thesis review Wednesday - In-class writing time; Outline with quotes due; Vocab Test 4-6 Thursday – Rough drafts …