Quarter 3 Calendar

Third Quarter
Week 1 Monday: Grammar review; Introduction to A Midsummer Night’s Dream Tuesday: MSND, Act I, scene I; read Act I, scene ii in class Wednesday: MSND, Act II, scene 1; Vocabulary 19 Thursday: MSND, Act II, scene 2 Friday: MSND, Act III, scene 1
Week 2 Monday: Half-day; MSND, Act III, scene 2; Tuesday: Half-day; MSND, Act IV Wednesday: Half-day; MSND, Act V; Vocabulary 20 Thursday:Half-day; Essay Topics Friday: No School
Week 3 Monday: No School Tuesday: Sonnets; essay writing Wednesday: Sonnets; essay writing Vocabulary 21 Thursday: Sonnets; essay writing Friday: MSND scene performances
Week 4 Monday: Essay due; Lord of the Flies, Chapter 1 Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Lessons 19-21; LOTF, Chapter 2 Wednesday: LOTF, Chapter 3 Thursday: LOTF, Chapter 4; Vocabulary 22 Friday: LOTF, Chapter 5
Week 5 Monday: LOTF, Chapter 6 Tuesday: LOTF, Chapter 7 Wednesday: LOTF, Chapter 8; Vocabulary 23 Thursday: LOTF, Chapter 9 Friday: LOTF, Chapter 10; Writing Friday
Week 6 Monday: LOTF, Chapter 11

Final Weeks of Quarter 2 Calendar Changes

Week 8 - December 2-6
Monday: Twelve Angry Men
Tuesday: Twelve Angry Men
Wednesday: Twelve Angry Men; Vocab 16
Thursday:Twelve Angry Men; Vocab 17
Friday: Play discussion/writing plans

Week 9 - December 9-13
Monday: The Importance of Being Earnest
Tuesday: The Importance of Being Earnest;
Wednesday: The Importance of Being Earnest; Vocabulary 18
Thursday:The Importance of Being Earnest
Friday: Play discussion/writing plans

Week 9 - December 16-12
Monday: Review for finals
Tuesday: Review for finals; Vocab Test 16-18
Wednesday: Half-day; Exams – 1st & 2nd
Thursday:Half-day; Exams – 3rd & 4th
Friday:Half-day; Exams – 5th & 6th

*Final exams will be a timed write essay over your choice of the two plays.


Week 6 - Changes

Hello -

The schedule posted for the term needs updating as it was missing a week of the term - here is an update for the week of November 18.  A new schedule to finish the term will be posted later this term:

Week 6
Monday: Finish Mockingbird; Review with Topics
Tuesday: In-class Writing; Vocab 15
Wednesday: In-class Writing;
Thursday: In-class Writing
Friday: In-class Reading of The Importance of Being Earnest; Vocab Test 13-15 *essays due Monday the 25th.  

Quarter Two Reading Calendar

Second Quarter – Composition & Literature III – 8th

Week 1
Monday: Half-day; Student Narrative Reflections
Tuesday: Half-day; Grammar review; short story completion
Wednesday: Half-day; Grammar review; Vocabulary 10; short story completion
Thursday:Half-day; Grammar review; short story completion
Friday:Half-day; Introduction to To Kill a Mockingbird; short story completion

Week 2
Monday: Mockingbird, Chapter 1
Tuesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 2-3
Wednesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 4; Vocabulary 11
Thursday: Mockingbird, Chapter 5-6
Friday: Mockingbird, Chapter 7-8

Week 3
Monday: Mockingbird, Chapter 9
Tuesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 10
Wednesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 11; Vocabulary 12
Thursday: Mockingbird, Chapter 12
Friday:Half-day; Vocabulary Quiz, lessons 10-12; Mockingbird, Chapter 13

Week 4

Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring Schedule

I am available for tutoring that does not have to be scheduled ahead of time each morning before school in room 225 and each afternoon after school in room 213.  If you do not find me in those rooms - please come to the faculty offices. 

Welcome Note

Hello Everyone -

Welcome to your new course with me.  This blog will be a place where you can check for assignments and access helpful resources. 

Best wishes for the coming year together -

Mr. Brazzel

Quarter One Reading Calendar

8th Literature & Composition - First Quarter Schedule Readings listed for each day indicate what should be already read and in your mind for discussion that day.
Week One: August 7-9 Wednesday: Course overview; Writing Sample – finish as homework Thursday: Begin reading Beowulf (lines 1-319) in class Friday - Beowulf, lines 1-319; Vocab Lesson 1
Week Two: August 12-16 Monday: Beowulf, lines 320-641 Tuesday: Beowulf, lines 641-914 Wednesday: Beowulf, lines 915-1214; Vocab Lesson 2 Thursday: Beowulf, lines 1215-1517 Friday: Beowulf, lines 1518-1812; Writing Friday
Week Three: August 19-23 Monday: Beowulf, lines 1813-2114 Tuesday: Beowulf, lines 2115-2396 Wednesday: Beowulf, lines 2397-2751; Vocab Lesson 3 Thursday: Beowulf, lines 2752-3037 Friday: Finish Beowulf for class today; Review
Week Four: August 26-30 Monday: Beowulf exam Tuesday: Overview of the 5-paragraph essay; Essay topics Wednesday: Introduction due; thesis review; Vocab Quiz, lessons 1-3 Thursday: Outline with quotations due; Vocab Lesson …