Quarter One Reading Calendar

8th Literature & Composition - First Quarter Schedule
Readings listed for each day indicate what should be already read and in your mind for discussion that day.

Week One: August 7-9
Wednesday: Course overview; Writing Sample – finish as homework
Thursday: Begin reading Beowulf (lines 1-319) in class
Friday - Beowulf, lines 1-319; Vocab Lesson 1

Week Two: August 12-16
Monday: Beowulf, lines 320-641
Tuesday: Beowulf, lines 641-914
Wednesday: Beowulf, lines 915-1214; Vocab Lesson 2
Thursday: Beowulf, lines 1215-1517
Friday: Beowulf, lines 1518-1812; Writing Friday

Week Three: August 19-23
Monday: Beowulf, lines 1813-2114
Tuesday: Beowulf, lines 2115-2396
Wednesday: Beowulf, lines 2397-2751; Vocab Lesson 3
Thursday: Beowulf, lines 2752-3037
Friday: Finish Beowulf for class today; Review

Week Four: August 26-30
Monday: Beowulf exam
Tuesday: Overview of the 5-paragraph essay; Essay topics
Wednesday: Introduction due; thesis review; Vocab Quiz, lessons 1-3
Thursday: Outline with quotations due; Vocab Lesson 4
Friday: Half Day; Writing Friday; No Homework for R&R weekend

Week Five: September 2-6
Monday: No School, Labor Day
Tuesday: In-class writing
Wednesday: Rough Drafts due; Vocab Lesson 5
Thursday: Essay revisions; In-class reading, Grendel
Friday: “The Lottery”

Week Six: September 9-13
Monday: “The Darling”
Tuesday: “Train from Rhodesia”
Wednesday: Introduction to Arthurian legends and Sir Gawain; Vocab Lesson 6
Thursday: Sir Gawain, Part I
Friday: Sir Gawain, Part II; Vocabulary Quiz, Lessons 4-6

Week Seven: September 16-20
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Sir Gawain, Part III (pp. 93-107); read in class Sir Gawain, Part III (pp. 108-116)
Wednesday: Sir Gawain, Part IV; Vocabulary lesson 7
Thursday: “The Wife’s Story”; Sir Gawain Essay topics
Friday: Thesis review; Writing Friday

Week Eight: September 23-27
Monday: In-class writing; Outline with quotes due
Tuesday: Rough Drafts due; “Axolotl”
Wednesday: “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”; Vocabulary lesson 8
Thursday: Essay Due; “Barn Burning”
Friday: “A Sound of Thunder”

Week Nine: September 30-October 4
Monday: No School
Tuesday: “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”; Vocabulary lesson 9
Wednesday: “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”; Vocabulary Quiz, Lessons 7-9
Thursday: “The Flying Machine”
Friday: “The Catbird Seat”; Writing Friday



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