Quarter Two Reading Calendar

Second Quarter – Composition & Literature III – 8th

Week 1

Monday: Half-day; Student Narrative Reflections

Tuesday: Half-day; Grammar review; short story completion

Wednesday: Half-day; Grammar review; Vocabulary 10; short story completion

Thursday: Half-day; Grammar review; short story completion

Friday: Half-day; Introduction to To Kill a Mockingbird; short story completion

Week 2

Monday: Mockingbird, Chapter 1

Tuesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 2-3

Wednesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 4; Vocabulary 11

Thursday: Mockingbird, Chapter 5-6

Friday: Mockingbird, Chapter 7-8

Week 3

Monday: Mockingbird, Chapter 9

Tuesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 10

Wednesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 11; Vocabulary 12

Thursday: Mockingbird, Chapter 12

Friday: Half-day; Vocabulary Quiz, lessons 10-12; Mockingbird, Chapter 13

Week 4

Monday: Mockingbird, Chapter 14-15

Tuesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 16

Wednesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 17; Vocabulary 13

Thursday: Mockingbird, Chapter 18

Friday: Mockingbird, Chapter 19-20

Week 5

Monday: no school; Veteran's Day

Tuesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 21-22

Wednesday: Mockingbird, Chapter 23-24; Vocabulary 14

Thursday: Mockingbird, Chapter 25-26

Friday: Mockingbird, Chapter 27-28

Week 6

Monday: Finish Mockingbird; Vocabulary 15

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Half-day; Vocabulary Quiz, lessons 13-15

Thursday: No School; Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday: No School

Week 7

Monday: Mockingbird Essay Topics; In-class writing; Vocabulary 16

Tuesday: In-class writing

Wednesday: In-class writing

Thursday: Essay Due; A Visit to a Small Planet

Friday: A Visit to a Small Planet; Vocabulary 17

Week 8

Monday: The Importance of Being Earnest

Tuesday: The Importance of Being Earnest; Vocabulary 18

Wednesday: The Importance of Being Earnest; Essay topics

Thursday: In-class writing

Friday: In-class writing

Week 9

Monday: Essay due; Review for finals

Tuesday: Review for finals

Wednesday: Half-day; Exams

Thursday: Half-day; Exams

Friday: Half-day; Exams



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