Quarter 3 Calendar

Third Quarter

Week 1
Monday: Grammar review; Introduction to A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Tuesday: MSND, Act I, scene I; read Act I, scene ii in class
Wednesday: MSND, Act II, scene 1; Vocabulary 19
Thursday: MSND, Act II, scene 2
Friday: MSND, Act III, scene 1

Week 2
Monday: Half-day; MSND, Act III, scene 2;
Tuesday: Half-day; MSND, Act IV
Wednesday: Half-day; MSND, Act V; Vocabulary 20
Thursday: Half-day; Essay Topics
Friday: No School

Week 3
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Sonnets; essay writing
Wednesday: Sonnets; essay writing Vocabulary 21
Thursday: Sonnets; essay writing
Friday: MSND scene performances

Week 4
Monday: Essay due; Lord of the Flies, Chapter 1
Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Lessons 19-21; LOTF, Chapter 2
Wednesday: LOTF, Chapter 3
Thursday: LOTF, Chapter 4; Vocabulary 22
Friday: LOTF, Chapter 5

Week 5
Monday: LOTF, Chapter 6
Tuesday: LOTF, Chapter 7
Wednesday: LOTF, Chapter 8; Vocabulary 23
Thursday: LOTF, Chapter 9
Friday: LOTF, Chapter 10; Writing Friday

Week 6
Monday: LOTF, Chapter 11
Tuesday: Finish LOTF
Wednesday: Review for exam; Vocabulary 24
Thursday: LOTF exam
Friday: “38 Who Saw Murder”; Timed-write prep

Week 7
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Intro to Canterbury Tales; begin Prologue in class
Wednesday: Canterbury Tales, Prologue
Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz, Lessons 22-24; The Knight’s Tale Parts 1 & 2
Friday: The Knight’s Tale Parts 3 & 4; Vocabulary 25

Week 8
Monday: The Squire’s Tale
Tuesday: The Nun’s Priest’s Tale
Wednesday: The Lawyer’s Tale; Vocabulary Lesson 26
Thursday: The Pardoner’s Tale
Friday: Timed-write prep day

Week 9
Monday: Timed-write***
Tuesday: The Cleric’s Tale, Parts 1 & 2
Wednesday: The Cleric’s Tale, Parts 3 & 4; Vocabulary 27
Thursday: The Second Nun’s Tale; Vocab Review
Friday: Vocabulary Quiz, Lessons 25-27; Canterbury Projects

***Timed-write date is subject to change



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